A hand rake is a smaller version of a shrub or bow rake. It has a shorter handle and fewer tines, and it’s designed for use around smaller plants like vegetables and flowers. Its short handle landscape rake leveling lawn gives you ultimate control of where the tines touch. Bow rakes are used for heavy-duty tasks like leveling dirt and sand. The tines point straight down and are made of thick metal.

landscape rake leveling lawn

To put it another way, this is simply an excellent piece of equipment that does exactly what you need, for as long as you need. We then used these criteria to pick the five best models available on the market. Depending on your soil and lawn conditions, as well as your own strength levels, you will be able to find a leveling rake that is right for you using the guide below.

Causes Of Bumps In Lawns:

You can not mow the lawn because your mower will not be scalping the lawn. You will hassle and have a slower mowing practice because the mower is jumping around. The Bobcat® ZT6000 zero-turn lawn mower keeps you in charge and charging forward from one job to the next.

Again, it’s strong enough for the intended uses of the tool. If you don’t compact the soil somehow then you will have nasty settlement, mud, ruts, and maybe even poor germination. The proper tool to compact a fluffed seedbed to the proper compaction is a round roller type tow behind deal that looks like a roll of quarters with pennies between each quarter. Old metal box springs that go under mattresses work well too if you can find them.

Landscape Rake?

You will need this wheelbarrow to make the topsoil distribution a lot easier to even the lawn. You can move sand, compost, or rich soil mixture to the spot you want. Or you can get rid of excess soil from the bumpy lawn. The tines will dig below the surface of the soil approximately 2 inches. While digging, it will pull up roots, thatch, bumpy soil, and rocks to the top while letting the soil stay in place evenly.

If you are looking for information on how to level a yard you probably know it is instrumental in keeping your landscape aesthetically pleasing. A level yard provides stability to your outdoor landscape. It also allows you to avoid serious damage and costly repairs to your foundation. LawnStarter is a startup making lawn care easy affordable and reliable. Follow this blog to stay tuned with what you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape year-round.

A Guide To Rakes: Types, History And Tips

Aluminum handles are not only very light, but often come with the option to be collapsible. This means that the rake can easily be made shorter or longer, depending on the need of the user. Unfortunately, these rakes aren’t the sturdiest option available, and the aluminum can be dented or damaged if the rake is thrown or if something heavy lands on it. However, if you have major issues with your lawn’s slope, you should contact a professional. They’ll know how to level a yard with more extensive issues.

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What distinguishes this inventor’s rake from others was that it featured metal teeth. This ensured that the rake did not become clogged with debris and eliminated the need for the user to remove the debris from the tool by hand. Instead of your hands cramping up from holding onto the handle, when you have a cushioned grip, not only is the handle more comfortable to hold, but it is wider as well. This extra width makes it much easier to hold the rake without overexerting your hands and growing weary quickly.

Revive the houseplants, ‘clean’ the yard, and stop stiltgrass: This Weekend in the Garden – pennlive.com

Revive the houseplants, ‘clean’ the yard, and stop stiltgrass: This Weekend in the Garden.

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Apply 1/4″-1/2″ of soil mixture on top of the low areas. Avoid smothering the grass by using only 1/2″ of the quantity. A shovel can be used to apply scoops of soil mix to lower areas of a lawn.

Fire Rake

The top part of the handle has a curved shape so it is more convenient for push and pull movements. These types of top lawn-leveling operations are usually performed with special leveling tools. The most common such tools are lawn leveling rakes, which can be purchased from any specialty store. For small animal holes, sometimes just filling the disturbed soil back in and topping them up with topsoil is a good repair. If they’re small the existing grass can grow over the hole. For slightly larger holes, fill them with topsoil, pack it down and ensure that it’s level.


They won’t rust, bend, or break, and have excellent longevity. A rake made from steel is likely to be more expensive than rakes made of other materials, but it is also an investment because steel is likely to outlive other types of rakes. Leaf rakes are one of the common types of rake that you might find with either a plastic or metal head. If you plan to only use your rake for gathering leaves, then one with a plastic head will be most appropriate.

Grading is a landscaping term used to refer to the sloping of a yard away from the foundation of a home. Doing big projects like this the right way the first time will save you a lot of time and money. Venture Products, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to product design and specifications without notice. The information on this website has been compiled for US & Canada reference only. Some illustrations and text may include items or offers that are not available in all regions. With a little practice, you can switch almost any attachment within a minute, without any tools or heavy lifting.

landscape rake leveling lawn

In 1874, a U.S. patent was given to a rake design that was something like a dustpan and metal broom combined. The 36 tines are 2.4 inches long, exactly like the model above. Aluminum won’t hold up to trying to move heavy rocks, and this rake is no exception. Most of the complaints we’ve seen about it have to do with using it beyond its intended purpose. So you want a handle that’s comfortable in your hands. You also want it to be the right length so that you don’t have to do a lot of stooping to do the job.

We put together this epic rake guide listing and categorizing rakes. You should apply the 2nd layer by repeating steps 5 and 6 after you see the grass begin to grow, or when you can’t see the first soil mix layer anymore. A thatch greater than 1/4 to 1/2 inch will keep your grass from getting proper water and air. If you cut to the point that the stems of the blades of grass are visible, then your grass may dry out. To accurately measure the slope of your yard’s landscape grading grab a 3 ft. long wood stake. Drive it 1 ft. deep in the dirt at the bottom of your house.

  • Small size bumps may be flattened by stepping on them during the spring months when the ground is soft, or better yet, you can use a soil levelling rake.
  • A bow rake is shaped very differently from your average leaf rake.
  • Then remove the sod by prying the grass up with the shovel.
  • We always update the most recent reviews and products.
  • Caring for a bumpy lawn is challenging and frustrating.
  • Uses, hitch type, and the horsepower of your lawn tractor all affect your final york rake for lawn tractor choice.
  • At 24 inches wide, it’ll let you do more detailed work than the models above.
  • They work by scraping down the roof and pulling down the snow, ice, or piles of leaves that are located there.
  • I was looking for information on how to level the lawn by hand and I think the knowledge I obtained willl go a long way.

I recommend that you stake out the section you want to level using the four stakes. Drive your stakes into the four corners of the section you plan to level, and tie your string to the stakes to create a square or rectangle shape. Adjust your line level to the string and measure every 3 to 5 feet to determine which areas need raising and which areas need lowering. If necessary, a tiller can be used to break up the top of the soil. This will loosen the soil and make it easier for you to work with while leveling your large yard. hire a contractor to come in and professionally grade and/or level your yard.

Zen Garden Rake

From my personal experience, the tool served me perfectly well when erasing lawn damage done by frost heaves and moles. It is also an effective tool for compacting loose dirt, or even newly sewn sod or seed. It includes a heavy-duty universal drawbar, a tow ring and pulling chains. It requires around 4 horsepower to pull the tool along your lawn since its weight is 60 pounds.

You can use the strong tines to help dig the compost into the soil and mix it all into a single top layer. A soil levelling rake typically have relatively wide and flat heads. Their most common use is to level up and spread ground materials like sand and soil. In case you have work in larger areas, you can opt for the mechanized landscape rakes that can be attached to tractors.

How strong the tines are and the materials they are made from should be matched to the type of work you have in mind. The best quality tines are corrosion resistant and won’t bend or break when used properly. To create a more smooth surface, the process can be repeated by adding more water. However, overdoing the same can cause other problems as rolling will compact the soil. Wood debris from construction, which should be removed, gets buried and causes bumps.

First up, if you are in a hurry to get the job done, then sod is the way to go. As demonstrated in the video below, laying your sod can be done in a matter of minutes, giving your lawn a brand-spanking-new appearance with the minimum of effort. This can be done by simply transferring the dirt you remove from the raised area to the depressions and low points, removing rocks and clods of dirt as you go. Doing so will save you digging up the whole lawn unnecessarily or, alternatively, digging up just one section only to later discover it would have been better to de-turf the lot. Before that, let’s take a look at a few questions you might have about leveling your yard and yard grading.

Watch the following short video from John Ware – The Lawn Forum. That short clip shows you the process of leveling irrigation trenches using sand as a filler and utilizing a 48″ leveling rake. Because of the design of the ground plate, besides leveling, it will also pull small stones and unwanted debris from the topsoil while you drive the leveling rake back and forth.

landscape rake leveling lawn

Lastly, if you are one of those homeowners who tend to get really compacted soil over a period of time, we highly recommend aerating your lawn periodically. Take a look at our Why Aeration is More Important and Less Daunting Than You Think blog written by a product manager for RYAN® , a turf care equipment company. You don’t want any dirt that is compacted or packed down closely to the earth.

It will smooth out the ground and remove the stones for planting seed. This lawn leveler certainly does what is intended to do. It leveled my soil better than any other tool including a landscaping rake. I was even moving freshly tilled soil which takes a bit more muscle, but it was so much easier when I added compost/topsoil/sand on top of existing grass. Leveled my soil better than any other tool, including my landscaping rake.

Thicker grasses tend to be more difficult to work with. So, you might spend much more time and energy finding bumps as they’re hidden in a thick bush of grass. Cut the grass in its optimal length to ditch lumps from being hardly noticeable. Not only Fly Hawk Lawn Leveling Rake will perfectly fit your garden, but in almost any area where you wish to keep it. You can easily shorten the handle and cut back around 30% of its original length.

If your yard is severely uneven, you’re going to have to regrade the entire area to achieve maximum evenness. Regrading is the process of leveling out the ground of your yard to improve its drainage, sort out the unevenness, and enhance your home’s overall appearance. Use a shovel to spread batches of the mix over the low spots of your yard. This product’s handle is made of thick aluminum, has a total length of 6 feet, and can be disassembled into three pieces.

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